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Who we are?

Over more than 10 years, « La Belgique Gourmande » has made it a priority to offer you the very best and most typical of Belgian gastronomic delights. As its name suggests, « La Belgique Gourmande » is a gourmet establishment dedicated to the finest of Belgian specialities. Everything you find here is part and parcel of our culinary pride, in the form of exclusive Chocolates, delicious Brussels Waffles, traditionally made Speculoos biscuits, Chocolate Truffles, mouth-watering Macaroons, luscious Cuberdons, exquisite Babeluttes, delectable Marzipan, Chocolate-Coated Almonds or with Tiramisu or Caramel coatings...

« La Belgique Gourmande » also has a "hand-crafted" service element where you can dress up your own vintage style metal presentation box with Chocolate Pearls and Coated Almonds ... Our staff, ambassadors for Belgian gastronomic excellence, will be delighted to offer you free tasting and expert advice. In this authentic and typically Belgian ambiance you will be sure to find the perfect gift or indulge your desire for something sweet in the late afternoon!

What would Belgium be without its beers ? You’ll have the choice between 250 belgian beers in our corner “Belgian Beer Traditions”. You’ll find the five beerfamilies such as the Trappist beers, wheat beers, fruit beers, and of course the Abbey and special beers !

And naturally, we have thought of everything to make your visit to « La Belgique Gourmande » a fabulous journey amidst the scrumptious treats on offer, both traditional and present-day.

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